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Fight The Power

September 25, 2013

This… This pleases me.


Fight The Power, or to give it it’s fuller title; Fight The Power! : A Visual History Of Protest Among The English-Speaking Peoples, is finally out. It’s a 192 page anthology telling the stories of various protests starting with the Luddites and Swing Riots in 1811, and working up to the present day with the Occupy movement.

Written by Sean Michael Wilson and Ben Dickson, it’s illustrated by Hunt Emerson and Adam Pasion, as well as myself. It also features a couple of bits from Polyp who also provided the cover with Eva Schlunke. And it’s got an introduction by Tariq Ali.

You can see why I’m pleased.

It’s published by New Internationalist in the UK, and Seven Stories Press in the US,

We’ll be doing a few events to promote the book, starting Saturday 28 September at Gnash Comics in Devon from 3PM where I’ll be in attendance with Ben Dickson and Hunt Emerson. Join us if you can.


Dredd of Fear

September 13, 2012

Inspired by the new Dredd film, and people’s comments that they hoped it would wash away the memories of the Stallone Judge Dredd film.

After, and with unreserved apologies to, Brian Bolland (and John Wagner and Tom Frame) who did the legendary original.

The idea of changing “fist” to “film” only occured when I was inking that bit of the background.

35 years of 2000AD

February 16, 2012

A little something to celebrate the 35th aniversary of 2000AD – and its alien editor, the Mighty Tharg!

35 years of 2000AD

But that the Dredd of Whitechapel…

December 31, 2011

For Whitechapel’s remake / remodel challenge on Judge Dredd. Still want to finish this up a bit more. Maybe one day.

Sekhmet of Whitechapel

August 8, 2011

Over on the Whitechapel forums they run a weekly art challenge thing called Remake / Remodel. This week’s is Sekhmet, an Egyptian deity, and just too tempting to pass up.

Remake / Remodel of Sekhmet

The brief was basically to take take the Goddess and Remake / Remodel for modern comics. Given the subject and how open the potential was, I really think I should’ve gone weirder.

On the other hand… given that I’m already considering using this piece for a post on the hell of multiple choice, it’s probably best I just got it out there.

Do electric sheep lie between the pit of Man’s fears, and the summit of his knowledge?

July 7, 2011

Electric Sheep Magazine have a rather nice section of film reviews, carried out by illustrators in a broad comic-strip format. And they nicely asked me. The first time, although I wanted to, I was too busy. The second time, I said yes. Still busier than I should’ve been given my unspoken plans for it, but I was afraid they wouldn’t ask a third time. Also, they offered me the first season of The Twilight Zone to review.

I was not going to turn that down.

However, my innate inability to approach an open canvas (the only stipulation was that it contain speech bubbles if possible) directly when I could spiral in from an oblique angle, inexplicably led to it somewhat spiralling out of control. Much of what I wanted to do and address I had to cut for time. It was just getting too big.

As it transpires, it was impossible to get the vaguely animated version down to a usable file size for them without compromising the image quality. So I’ve linked the animated version here.


Quick Update:

Actually they’ve got the animated version up there too!

Well, that’s just implausible…

February 14, 2011

Been a bit lax on the updates here, principally  due to working on a comic City Of Abacus by VV Brown and David Allain.

I’ll post a bit more about it in a while, but as it’s a year since I started this blog I thought I should at least stick something up to mark the occasion.

note to self: how about remembering to give posts a title? just a thought, best, j

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