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But that the Dredd of Whitechapel…

December 31, 2011

For Whitechapel’s remake / remodel challenge on Judge Dredd. Still want to finish this up a bit more. Maybe one day.


Fantomah, and Zomax, of Whitechapel

November 22, 2011

A couple more from the Whitechapel Remake / Remodel challenges. First; Fantomah

And next; Professor Zomax – who I hadn’t yet got round to posting up here, and whom it transpires was an enemy of the above “defender of the jungle.”

Terror of Terra

Six Gun Gorilla – Of Whitechapel

November 15, 2011

For Whitechapel’s Remake / Remodel of Six Gun Gorilla. Dropping a lot of the back story to make it a cheap Donkey Kong gag.

Jenny Greenteeth of Whitechapel

October 18, 2011

Another from the Remake / Remodel challenge over on Whitechapel, although this one I didn’t have time to colour up before the finish so I present the final version here.

The challenge this time was Jenny Greenteeth, a river hag with a penchant for drowning children;

“You will update. You will recontextualise. You will use your tasty brainbits as well as your scribbledy pens of power.

Bethunk as follows: how does a slime-titted water-devil fit into whatever passes for contemporary folklore? Is she the same old hag of yesteryear, now living a 21st century life? Is she keeping herself to herself, or using her unique skills (of, um, drowning children) to get by? Has she found a new niche, as a Modern Monster?”

For some reason I thought of underage binge drinking and alcopops. I didn’t find out she was also called Ginny Greenteeth until I was well underway.


Sekhmet of Whitechapel

August 8, 2011

Over on the Whitechapel forums they run a weekly art challenge thing called Remake / Remodel. This week’s is Sekhmet, an Egyptian deity, and just too tempting to pass up.

Remake / Remodel of Sekhmet

The brief was basically to take take the Goddess and Remake / Remodel for modern comics. Given the subject and how open the potential was, I really think I should’ve gone weirder.

On the other hand… given that I’m already considering using this piece for a post on the hell of multiple choice, it’s probably best I just got it out there.

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