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The Fall of Chester A Arthur

May 28, 2013

Done for @themooks Draw Futurama project.

Chester A Arthur fall down


Dredd of Fear

September 13, 2012

Inspired by the new Dredd film, and people’s comments that they hoped it would wash away the memories of the Stallone Judge Dredd film.

After, and with unreserved apologies to, Brian Bolland (and John Wagner and Tom Frame) who did the legendary original.

The idea of changing “fist” to “film” only occured when I was inking that bit of the background.

Frank Marx

March 2, 2012

Had an idea while walking home and did a quick sketch before bed.

35 years of 2000AD

February 16, 2012

A little something to celebrate the 35th aniversary of 2000AD – and its alien editor, the Mighty Tharg!

35 years of 2000AD

But that the Dredd of Whitechapel…

December 31, 2011

For Whitechapel’s remake / remodel challenge on Judge Dredd. Still want to finish this up a bit more. Maybe one day.

Fantomah, and Zomax, of Whitechapel

November 22, 2011

A couple more from the Whitechapel Remake / Remodel challenges. First; Fantomah

And next; Professor Zomax – who I hadn’t yet got round to posting up here, and whom it transpires was an enemy of the above “defender of the jungle.”

Terror of Terra

Six Gun Gorilla – Of Whitechapel

November 15, 2011

For Whitechapel’s Remake / Remodel of Six Gun Gorilla. Dropping a lot of the back story to make it a cheap Donkey Kong gag.

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