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Fantomah, and Zomax, of Whitechapel

November 22, 2011

A couple more from the Whitechapel Remake / Remodel challenges. First; Fantomah

And next; Professor Zomax – who I hadn’t yet got round to posting up here, and whom it transpires was an enemy of the above “defender of the jungle.”

Terror of Terra


Six Gun Gorilla – Of Whitechapel

November 15, 2011

For Whitechapel’s Remake / Remodel of Six Gun Gorilla. Dropping a lot of the back story to make it a cheap Donkey Kong gag.

Julaba Kunda: Traders – CD case

November 9, 2011

There’s something satisfying about having a tangible product arrive after a whole load of intangible design work.

This is the second time I’ve worked Gris (Third, possibly, if you count Um Di Um, although… I’m drifting). Once again her album’s getting rave reviews. It’s a blend of Gambian and Scottish traditions that you can order here.

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