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Fight The Power

September 25, 2013

This… This pleases me.


Fight The Power, or to give it it’s fuller title; Fight The Power! : A Visual History Of Protest Among The English-Speaking Peoples, is finally out. It’s a 192 page anthology telling the stories of various protests starting with the Luddites and Swing Riots in 1811, and working up to the present day with the Occupy movement.

Written by Sean Michael Wilson and Ben Dickson, it’s illustrated by Hunt Emerson and Adam Pasion, as well as myself. It also features a couple of bits from Polyp who also provided the cover with Eva Schlunke. And it’s got an introduction by Tariq Ali.

You can see why I’m pleased.

It’s published by New Internationalist in the UK, and Seven Stories Press in the US,

We’ll be doing a few events to promote the book, starting Saturday 28 September at Gnash Comics in Devon from 3PM where I’ll be in attendance with Ben Dickson and Hunt Emerson. Join us if you can.


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