The Arrow that did for Harold

Stuff in motion that’s caught my eye. Generally worth popping out fullscreen and high definition if available.

I rarely enthuse about Microsoft. Normally if I say something nice about them Hotmail promptly starts making my life a misery. So at the risk of trouble; I have high regard for their decision to open the Kinnect so people can explore possibilities and use it creatively, as above.

Architecture  as a screen for animated trompe l’oeil. Definite ‘open in a new window’ due to its vertical format.

Something else I first caught in full at Animated Exeter. Glad it’s legitimately available in full now. Wonderful.

Ignore the godawful ident that tops and tails this. And I have no interest in any Rock Band game, but this is utterly fantastic.

Eyjafjallajökull. Moving time-lapse.

Simple, elegant, crafted.

Saw this as part of Animated Exeter a few years back. Just got reminded of it so sticking it up here.

The planning that must’ve gone into this!

I caught the full version of this as part of the 2010 British Animation Awards Public Choice screening. Great compositing of a deceptively complex / deceptively simple (delete as per your understanding)  cgi character, completely sold by Adam Buxton’s performance.

I revel in the glory and envy.

Love the blinking insect Chronophage.

Worth waiting. It’s not that there’s a twist at the end, but there is a change.

When it is clever to cut up books.


World building.


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