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Winter Sunbrella

March 27, 2010

Inspired by a complaint about how cold it was despite being a sunny day.


Not sure how well it comes across that the guy’s “parasol” is a giant magnifying glass. Might have to go back and work more on it at some stage.


This doesn’t happen.

March 9, 2010

They do not make good use of the things that they find.

Gulls continue their march inland to rip open bin bags and scatter litter across the streets like a naturally occurring antithesis to the idea of wombles. They also stamp on my roof and squawk and screech so as to keep me awake at ungodly hours. Which was the catalyst for this post-it sketch.

The faded Opera

March 4, 2010

Dang. After uploading the Redcoat image I thought it looked a little washed out on site in the browser compared with the image viewed off my computer, so I played with the settings when saving it as a jpeg, this time including the ICC profile for colour compensation. Didn’t seem to make any difference online, but thought I’d try viewing it in Safari, and lo; the newer version had a more vibrant red compared with the old. Firefox and Plainview also showed the newer image as more vibrant. Seems to just be Opera, which I only use with this site, that’s not enhancing the image with the ICC.

When I re-saved the image with the ICC  included I also strengthened the shadow and altered the lightbulb-balloon at the same time (because constant fiddly adjustment is my curse), but the red coat remained unchanged (except, obviously, for whatever enhancements the ICC profile creates).

So if the red left (earlier) looks the same as the red right (later), then it’s likely the browser you’re using isn’t utilising the ICC profile.

Might help to pop both images open in different tabs and flick between the two.


March 3, 2010

Sometimes you get an idea for a painting and you can’t help but think you’re ripping something off, but you just can’t place it. No matter how obvious you feel it must be.*

If I get time before finding out, I plan to work this up to a finished level.

*No, I don’t mean “Don’t Look Now.” I’m well aware of that similarity.

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